Monday, December 15, 2008

B&B Tour

We went with Sam's parents to Coeur D'Alene to check out some Bed and Breakfasts.  They were having a holiday tour.  Sam and I are still interested in doing this again in the future so we love looking at them and taking notes.  B&B's are so interesting though, because they can vary so much depending on the owner.  Some can be very nice, and others quite creepy.  If considering staying at one, I would do a little homework to ensure it isn't the latter.  We toured 3 of them, I don't have pictures of the first one, although I wish I could show you the interesting decor!  They had lots of little porcelain trinkets and stuffed animals along with picture frames everywhere of clips of a movie.  The second one was of course my favorite.  It was the lovely yellow house (the first five pictures)  It was just what you would want in a B&B-tasteful decor, soothing atmosphere, a gorgeous old house with a sunroom to enjoy breakfast and a hot tub out in the back.  I definitely want to go back.  The 3rd and final house was another interesting one.  It was the brick building.  The owner gave us a tour.  He was an entertaining character, he liked to give a lot of information and brag about who he knew and how great his place was.  There were stockings lining the whole banister and there was one to represent each member of his family.  I didn't know if that tour would ever end-15 bedrooms.  And at the end we were invited downstairs where a group of overly enthusiastic teenagers donning red and black apparel were singing Christmas tunes.  Ah the joys of B&Bs, you never know what you're going to get!

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the yellow house is like...MY DREAM HOUSE! I am moving in! so beautiful. looks like a fun day!