Monday, December 1, 2008

Bela Fleck

Sam and I went on a date two weeks ago.  A real one and this was extra special for us because it's the first time in over a year we've been able to go to a concert.  We weren't able to get away at all on the weekend because of our job.  We went to an italian restaurant and then we went to see Bela Fleck and the Flecktones with the Spokane Symphony.  It was wonderful, we even got to meet them and get an autographed CD)
He is crazy on the banjo.  It's funny that more people haven't heard of them.  They are amazingly gifted musicians.  I think they aren't as popular as they should be because they don't sing.  Bela has won 8 grammy's in 5 different categories- bluegrass to pop to classical-
Going to this concert was pretty entertaining because there was a mix of hippies and old people.  The regular season symphony ticket holders (the older ones) thought they were there just to hear the symphony with a guest artist.  They were in for a surprise.  The cute little lady next to us asked before intermission,
"Did you know that these people were going to be playing?"
We said, "Yes"
She replied,
"The gray haired people here are all surprised, you see my hair isn't gray because I pay a lot of money for it to be this way"
She also told us that a lady used to be sitting in our seat for 12 years, and now she has to keep introducing herself to a new person at each symphony performance.  So cute, I would have loved to see these 2 women enjoying the symphony year after year.

Thanksgiving was wonderful.  We spent it at Sam's grandma's with lots of food.  The next day we helped Dennis and Linda pick out 4 christmas trees at Green Bluff.  Sam and I have yet to get ours.  We plan on going to the forest and get one as usual.  But this year I'm up for a challenge.  I was talking big to Linda, saying we would get a good one.  So I have to prove that there are more than just Charlie Brown trees out in the forest, wish me luck!
Here is a pretty bad cheesy photo we took before we went out on my birthday.  We went to Cafe Marron which was the perfect place.  It was cozy and the food was fabulous.  I had this wonderful baked macaroni with pancetta and ham.  Then we went shopping and finished the night off with some coffee.  It was lovely.

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