Thursday, December 11, 2008

Skating in the Park

Skating at the outdoor rink at Riverfront Park this evening was great fun.  It's been years since I last skated.  I won't do the hokey pokey at weddings, but it's fun on the ice.  Sam watched, but finally couldn't resist and joined me at the end!  Little kids amazed me, they either were little hockey stars skating forward, back, and sideways with ease- or they had no inhibitions taking several falls diving forward onto the ice.  One kid did the arm circles four times before finally toppling backwards.  They started with nice holiday tunes, but then got into the classic rink songs.  The 80's may have brought bad hair and hideous bridesmaid dresses, but we have the great roller rink music that really can't be topped.  Yes, they dove into MC Hammer, and Vanilla Ice (of course) it brought me back to the days of skating around my basement on 4 chunky wheels.

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From Sunday to Monday said...

Sounds like the perfect thing to be doing! I will have to see if they opened the one in WP yet!