Sunday, January 2, 2011


I had three big goals- I thought if I limited it to 3 I would actually accomplish them. I was too much of a chicken to share them on my blog this year. Especially because uh- making a baby isn't a predictable thing and it seems really creepy to have that as a "goal"

So I was 2 for 3. The goal that I thought would be the easiest to accomplish proved to be the toughest. It was the only one I thought that was reasonable. I didn't reach 100 etsy sales, but I am happy with the Farm Chicks turnout. I'm also glad that I got another show in.
Here is the picture of my booth at The Farm Chicks. My friend Jess came out to help. It was so much work, but so worth it. I really need to do some treasure hunting for this year!

Here I am pretty much popping out of my dress!
These are pictures of The Funky Junk Show I did with my friend Janessa. (They're her photos) I never got around to blogging about it. We went camping and had so much fun. The show was a blast. Low key with the nicest people putting it on. Her son Preston is a little cutey! He's the most curious little boy who says the funniest things.

And here are the latest Luna pictures. More on her later! I have so many blog posts to do!
She was so smiley and happy all day today. And she's almost fitting into her skinny jeans- I can't wait!

I had a lot of little goals and I forgot to look at them in 2010. I still like the ideas so I'm going to look at them again for this year.


Cottage Mommy said...

Good job on accomplishing those goals! My fave is Luna! We missed you yesterday! We need to set up a time to hang out and chat....have a wonderful day!

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