Friday, January 21, 2011

Chopping the Tree

Please forgive me, I realize I'm going back in time here- but with a baby, thanksgiving, my birthday, visitors, Christmas- it's been nuts and I really wanted to share these things on my blog. Luna was welcomed into the world at a busy but happy, happy time!

December just flew by this year. It was a different kind of December- but such a good one! Christmas comes quicker every year, doesn't it?

It had just been snowing like crazy. Then my mom came for a week. We went straight to Coeur D'Alene for an open house at the birthing center and to do our annual tradition of cutting down our Christmas tree. This year we did a drive by hunt

No traipsing through the woods for me this year. We actually found a much better tree than last year. But every year we always cut it too close, it's always dark- or almost dark when we are cutting it down- so sorry- blurry photos as usual!
It was a bit of a steep climb!
It ended up being a Griswald family tree. They always look bigger in the forest! We got it home and did major trimming. It took up most of our dining room! It was a gorgeous day.
We decided since it's only $5 to get a tree from the national forest, we would get 2 trees. It will be a tradition. Luna will get her own little tree. I think it will be fun when she's a little older! Here it is outside.

Here she is with her little Charlie Brown tree.


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i love both your trees!

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