Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Chilly But Pretty One

I love blogs that have one or two really perfect photos- but I'm one of those more is more kinda people.

It has been C.O.L.D. the last few days. But it's also been gorgeous. The sky has been bright blue and I have been loving it. I had to get out today and take some photos. It's so good for my creative soul to get out and take photos. I still remember the first snowfall of 2009. I love those photos. Doing this reminds me to look at life with new eyes- it's so much easier to do when it's gorgeous and so inspiring outside!

I think this would make a cool backdrop for a photoshoot
One of the cutest houses on a neighboring street!

Love this little new dad addition- Sam sports a burb cloth in his back pocket- so cute! Click on the picture to see it bigger.
My little Spokane boy couldn't handle the cold and had to go in early, even though he had a little heater on his chest (Luna) and long johns on. I had skinny jeans on- but I had toasty boots and a hat and a scarf. But I'm a Minnesota girl, what can I say I love the cold when it's gorgeous out! Here he is calling it quits! (Don't worry Luna was bundled well!)
My hand nearly froze. I had a full card so I had to keep pausing to delete old photos- annoying.

Happy 2011- I'm so doing the 365- photo a day this year!

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