Monday, January 10, 2011

Luna- One month

Each day is different, and yet very much the same. Luna has no routine yet. She usually likes to stay up late (like her mama). Luna is such a little cutey pie. We just love her to pieces. She has been a smiley girl from the start. I can't even remember when the first one came. I just remember trying so hard to catch a picture of it! This is the first time- teamwork was the key.
She was smiling away at her daddy and I got a whole series of great shots! Forgive me for going overboard, but these are my favorites!
She's already growing so much. She's a strong little girl and holds her head up and stretches her little turtle neck around. She loves to hang out in the moby with her daddy. I'm not sure who likes it more.
She's losing her hair on top- so she's got an old man receding hair line! She loves to dress up- and accessorize! Her favorite place to be is her dresser/ changing pad. She loves to look in the mirror, smile, coo and she kicks her arms and legs like a madwoman.
We spend a lot of our time on this exercise ball when she's not happy.
It calms her like a charm every time. She also loves her little chair.
We also found that she stops crying when she hears the sound of running water. She always knows when it's dinner time and insists on eating when we eat! She is growing like crazy, at 5 weeks she weighed in at 11 pounds! And gained 2 inches.

As a parent I've learned that:
:: Little ones really can be quite trying on the patience. Even Sam, the calmest man alive admits this!
:: I really suck at swaddling.
::It really is wonderful and so worth it each time she flashes a little smile at me.
::Priorities change. If she gets upset when I set her down to try to do something I pick her up. I know that she'll be so big before I know it so I'm just letting things go as I sit and cherish the time spent holding her in my arms.

Time flies-now that I'm actually posting this she is 7 weeks old- closer to 2 months than 1, but I need to catch up!


Anonymous said...

She is a beautiful little girl!!! I'm so glad that I got to see her at Chaps....Sharon :-)

Cottage Mommy said...

Love that little Luna beautiful! Did you get your couch home? Had such fun seeing you the other day!

bethany said...

Aww...she's a doll! I'm no baby expert, but I don't think I've ever seen a more smiley child at one month of age.

Expressive babies steal my heart. :)

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