Thursday, January 20, 2011

Luna's First Outing- Thanksgiving and my Birthday

Please forgive me, I realize I'm going back in time here- but with a baby, thanksgiving, my birthday, visitors, Christmas- it's been nuts and I really wanted to share these things on my blog. Luna was welcomed into the world at a busy but happy, happy time!

After Luna was born Sam stayed home for two weeks. It was a nice cozy time spent mainly at home. We had our first outing on Thanksgiving. Of course she was the star of Thanksgiving. It was quite a drive. The roads were terrible and we were slipping and sliding. It was definitely an adventurous first trip out. But we made it to great grandma's house.

The next day was my birthday and we went on our first walk during a beautiful snow fall to the cafe around the block. Luna was the best birthday gift. It was so funny, they asked her name and we told them. The waitress said, "Wait, I've heard about this baby!" I was a little surprised, how could they know about her- she's less than a week old? Our friends had visited the cafe earlier in the week and they were telling the waitress all about Luna. So at 6 days old she was already being talked about!


ness said...

Preston was my birthday gift too! I remember holding him and looking at the fireworks out the hospital window (because it was New Years) it was really special!

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