Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Amy's Visit

Amy came for a visit. She spent a fair amount of time snuggling with Luna.We had fun shopping for bridesmaid dresses, dreaming up wedding color schemes, and of course she tried on wedding dresses!
Chaps for brunch on Sunday. Brunch is my favorite there. Chaps is amazing, it's like a restaurant version of anthropologie!

I think I'm glad Amy doesn't live here- she's got too good of an eye at thrifting! She found this cute cookbook stand that folds up. Adorable! Too bad it's so portable , or maybe I would have had a chance at keeping it. And I have bags and bags of items from thrift stores that need to be inventoried!And I just have to share some of my new favorites of my cutie in her new reversible corduroy vest. I couldn't resist. I justified the purchase because we're making a trip to Minnesota tomorrow and the temps are lower there! I think she's going to be a fashionista, clearly- she loves it!

I love my husband. He's the sweetest and best when I have visitors. One night he made homemade soup for us (even without a recipe) and he cleaned up too. He cooked and cleaned and watched Luna all weekend so we could do some shopping a little more easily.


ness said...

Oh,little Luna is so cute! I need to meet her!

Have fun in Minnesota-give me a call when you get back:)

j + m said...

That wedding dress is to die for! Love it.

Jenny said...

I like that dress that Amy has on, really cute! Also I can't wait to see little Luna TOMORROW!!!! We've waited so long and I will finally get to hold her, can't wait! Travel safe!!!

bethany said...

Luna is such a smiling little sweetie! :) And yes...best bundle her up. It is FREEZING here.

Love the dress Amy's in! It's one part laid back country, one part chic city girl!

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