Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year

Out with the old:
So here is the recap on goals from last year
*no pop-
 yes, I am finally addiction free!  I've had it every once in awhile and now it tastes kinda gross to me and when I see pop I think of it as sugar in a bottle
*drink more milk and water-
 I've been good on the water, not so great with the milk
*be active-
 yes and no, I go in spurts on this one, but we joined on online outdoor group in Spokane and we're hoping to connect and meet more people this year
*eat well- 
not so consistent, we're doing ok, hopefully this year we'll keep improving and with our new goals eating well should come naturally
*be more organized-
I think i've made progress in this category, it's a constant battle
*start an etsy shop-
Yes- this is probably the one I'm most proud of, and I have so many ideas in store for next year and really working hard on my shop
*speak spanish fluently
This is a definite no, even though Linda gave me these cool spanish sticky notes, maybe they need to go up again, and we need a volunteer vacation trip to make it happen
*get caught up on scrapbooking
I just haven't been into this lately, I did get fairly caught up with some unfinished projects.  I have a different view on how I want to scrapbook now, so we'll see.  And I would like to try out making a blurp book.

Overall I'm pleased.  I'm excited to keep growing, learning, and pushing myself to do different things.  We'll see.

In with the new:
So Sam and I have pretty ambitious plans for 2009.  Here goes:
Eat Locally:  
This requires a BIG explanation.  I've been interested in the compact, and eating locally.   I've been reading a lot on the topic.  I watched this movie, (the high cost of low prices, you can watch it instantly if you have a netflix account) and in conclusion, this is something we would like to try.  I don't want to go crazy with this and make ourselves miserable.  I do believe that in making an effort to know where the food comes from will build some cool relationships and be much healthier.  I want to do this because I'm a believer of entrepreaneurs and small businesses and I want to give them a shot.  Every time we shop at Target or Wal-Mart, we crush those other businesses.  So we will try, and try hard.  I will post local links and our adventures. If we can't find something I'm not willing to take it out of our diet, I'll just try to get it from a grocery store that supports the most local business.  
Buy Used:
We pretty much do this already.  I don't think it will be that hard for us.  I love finding better quality items from thrift stores.  They just don't make it like they used to, ya know?  I realize this will be hard when we need shoes (and Sam really needs new ones)  So we probably won't be nazi's about this.  I would rather support a local company if possible and one that chooses sustainable products.  So it's more about being more educated about where the stuff we buy comes from.  My dad is big on hating the made in China stuff.  It's true, why buy made in China when you can get better quality goods other ways.


Andrea said...
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Andrea said...

You and Sam have been such inspirations to me and TJ! Just today we were looking for a broom and we felt so weird about going to Walmart, so instead we went to Peter's Hardware.

I think your resolutions are wonderful! Supporting local business will help meet people and build community!

From Sunday to Monday said...

I love that you did the recap...I am going to write mine down this year and do the same...a journal wouldnt be a bad idea for me either!