Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'll Have The Usual

Have you ever wanted to be "a regular" at a coffee shop or some restaurant?  I always glance at those people who chat it up with the waitress enviously.  

My closest to this would be at the Sultan Bakery.  We had a chocolate bar, a big foot, and two coffees- every week- usually on Wednesday mornings.  But we didn't really talk to the sassy owner.  I listened to the others- everyone seemed to know everyone.  Everyone but me that is.  The grocery store was the same way.  How do you break the barrier?  Am I just unfriendly?  Do I need to introduce myself?  Hi, I'm Becca, I live here now, so you can start including me on the town gossip.  Maybe it would help if I lived somewhere for more than 2 seconds.

I'm hoping by eating more locally I'll get to be a regular with a few people.  
So my question- How do you become a regular?
Are you a regular anywhere?


Elijah's Mom said...

I'm a regular at Perk and Play here in Denver. :-p I go almost every Monday and Wednesday afternoon and bring Elijah and the little girl I nanny, Emily. I get a drink and ask them to put 1/4 of my drink in a separate cup for her. Now they know that it's my "usual." I think the consistency of day/time and what I order made me a regular. :) -Katie Sumey

From Sunday to Monday said...

From my mama "chuck's a regular 6am person at copper top, he even has the key to get in encase he beats the waitress to work! It cerntainly has its perks for the whole family, as you soon become family to the joint." Same time same place..thats the key! And yeah put your self out there...tell them about you...and ask them about them. =)

Megan Schierenbeck said...

I would love to be a regular somewhere, but unfortunately I am not. I do however have a reuglar at my work at Ted's deli. He is an old man named Norm who comes in every day for lunch and usually wants either fried fish or meatloaf. He has been a reuglar ever since I started work there but as far as I can tell he became known mostly by talking a lot in mumbly tones that I can't understand. So at the next place, feel out the situation; maybe a few mumbles will help.

Jenny said...

Yes Bek become a regular somewhere so that you CAN get filled in on that town gossip and soon you'll feel like you've taken a trip back to Markesan where everyone knows everyone's business. What you need to do is find the Aunt Louise of your town, she will give you all of the good info. Let me know how this works out for you.

James said...

I'm a regular at the coffee shop under our office, when I walk in the afternoon they start pouring my black iced tea before I get up to the counter. It's a nice feeling.

Becca, you'd like the shop too, next time you are town visit your bro downtown at work and I'll buy you a coffee :)