Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Carpe Diem

So this is my FUN list for 2009, just random things I would like to do.  It will be fun to see which ones happen!

Learn how to make good rolls (what is it about Grandmas- they make amazing rolls, I'm determined to find the secret, I'm afraid it may just be years of experience, but we'll see if I can get in on any hints)

Make homemade doughnuts

Wear More Skirts

Read Books (I'm going to revisit my childhood favorites right now I have Bridge to Teribithia, along with biographies on interesting people- right now I'm learning all about Eleanor Roosevelt)

Make more art (and I would like to recycle products in my artwork, and I would like to do some art focusing on words of God)

Be more generous and giving of my time and money

Be more adventurous- meet new people try new things

Save a good amount of money

Make homemade deodorant (more on this later) 

Make homemade soap

Make Candles

See if using cider vinegar instead of shampoo really works

Learn how to play Rook (I gave this to Sam for Christmas, both Grandma's let us  down so it looks like we're going to have to read that 48 page booklet-Yikes- and see how it goes)

Spend less time on this thing (Oh the computer can be so inspirational but such a time zapper too!)

Spend more time with God

Go to the zoo- I haven't been there in years!

Don't buy any clothes at all this year (Can this possibly be done?  I know I don't need any- my only exception has to be the gift cards I received as gifts, it would be plain rude not to use them, and this way I can maybe make it through the whole year!)

Light candles more often

Find a good local bakery

Visit my friend in San Francisco

Throw a good dinner party

What's on your list????

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Elijah's Mom said...

I love your list! My mom makes fantastic rolls, and she swears by Montana Wheat Co. flour. You could see if you can find any in Spokane. I find my bread turns out much better on stoneware (like a pizza stone) than on metal. Just a couple thoughts for your baking adventure. :) -Katie Sumey