Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Treehouses and Sesame Street

I was reading this book on treehouses.  Treehouses are awesome by the way.  And then I remembered this really sweet Sesame Street episode.  This must be late 80's early 90's Sesame Street I'm talking about.  There was the coolest episode where a bunch of kids got to do some scribbles and let their imagination run wild and dream up a playground.  This guy made their scribbles into a reality.  They had the coolest playground/park with cool paintings.  Does anyone know what I'm talking about here?  Ok, nevermind, I found it.  Watching it again is so funny!  Not nearly as cool as I remember.  Still funny though!

 Oh, you gotta love you tube!

  Does this bring any sweet memories to anyone else?

By the way, I fully intend on having the most amazing tree house someday.

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Jenny said...

Well, yes I would agree with you that you tube is the best but unfortunatly ILC doesn't agree with us because it's blocked so I couldn't watch your clips. However, leave it to you Becca to remember such a random episode of Seasme Street from your childhood. You always have little random things like that stored away in your brain it just amazes me. Also to answer you question to the comment you left me, no I already told you that you can't buy that toe stuff in Canada or Mexico. But it made me laugh to remember "are you out there?" I Miss ya Bek. When are you going to visit next, my graduation???