Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My New Best Friend

Part of my idea of simple living is buying quality products, so I can buy them once and be done with it.  I have had frozen fruit in my freezer for ages begging to be blended into a delicious smoothie.  Problem was, I didn't have a blender.  I got this Osterizer Contemporary Classic Beehive Blender (in red of course)  I've been enjoying a smoothie everyday!  I like that it just has an on, off, and pulse switch.  No need for speed 2, 3, or 6.  I know I never used anything other than high or pulse.  So I hope this baby lasts.  I was really debating on buying this, or waiting to find a good old one at a thrift store.  And then there was the ultra expensive vitamix blender that had amazing reviews, but I just couldn't spend that much.  I think the red won me over in the end!

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