Thursday, January 8, 2009

Purple Potatoes

So the house is dechrismatized and all clean.  (Yes-I made that word up)  It feels good, all ready for a new year.  

The last of my stash from the farmers market is gone.  We enjoyed these purple potatoes.  Fun, huh?  I think blue potato chips must be made out of these potatoes.  They look really funny, but they taste normal- seriously.  So I realize that I have never really posted about food.  I love food.  Love cooking.  I am too lazy to put recipes on here though.  I just thought I'd share my 
"signature" meal.  I feel silly saying that, but it is my favorite meal to cook and eat!  It is pine nut crusted salmon with a lemon basil cream sauce, caramelized onion mashed potatoes, and baked carrots.  Well this is it, sorta.  The real deal looks better, I didn't have pine nuts for the salmon so I tried using pecans instead.  Sam usually makes the carrots.  We found the recipe for the carrots in Ina Gartens Barefoot Contessa cookbook.  We love that book.  The funny looking stringy stuff in the potatoes are the caramelized onions.  They taste better than they look.  One day I will do a post on those.  I want to show how the onions get cooked.  They can be tricky because if you don't watch them they burn and get all bitter.  But if you don't cook them long enough they don't develop that wonderful sweet flavor (you use the same method for French Onion soup by the way)  So maybe one day I will share the recipe, or maybe I'll see if I can find a link to something similar for you.    

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Anonymous said... cool...I wanna make purple mashed potatoes now!!!