Monday, June 15, 2009

Away We Go

My sister shared with me this trailer.  I don't live somewhere cool enough to have it showing.  Maybe it will do really well and play in all the theaters.  What do you think?  (Yeah, it played in Berkeley this weekend-go figure!)  Did anyone get a chance to see it? It looks so great. 


Jenny said...

It's still in Uptown and hopefully I can convince someone to go with me. Heidi is leaving for Cali today so my first choice is out. It's down to Andy or Mom. And by sister did I tell you about this movie or did Heidi, because I remember telling Heidi about it but I'm not sure if I told you.

bethany said...

Perhaps it's my increasingly pathetic crush on John Krasinski...but I think this looks adorable, too. :)