Monday, June 22, 2009

Revolutionary Road

Sam and I watched Revolutionary Road last night and it got me thinking.  It was a great movie, but very sad.  It makes me wonder though- is it brave and selfless to sell out and support your family, or is it bad to be complacent and afraid to start over?   And how many people are happy, or even content in their job and in life.  How many people love what they do?  Are a lot of people hiding behind trying to look normal and ok, like we all have it altogether.  Is it silly to think that the way we work and live is all weird?  Would we be happier if we were doing it differently.  If both parents could work at home would it be better?  Or some other way?  Or am I just odd- maybe 9-5 jobs are really great because people can do what they have to do to live, and they can invest themselves fully in their passions outside of work.  Any thoughts?  I think it's good to be content in every circumstance, but I don't think it's bad to strive for more.  This is something I think about often. Sorry, heavy thoughts for a Monday! 
Ok, now I just found this article.  Does Sam Mendes have an agenda against marriage?  I don't think it's against marriage, I think he's attacking normal American living in general in the way we try to ignore reality, and have weird value systems.  Interesting.  And yes, I want to see Away we Go, yes I'm an idealist- so this stuff is a little scary, because what will I look like in five years? 

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