Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sewing Some Gifts

Here are some bags I made for some graduation gifts.  I also made some pj pants and "ninja headbands" (as Jenny likes to call them)  I made the slippers from Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing.  The slippers were so hard to figure out.  I'm glad I did them, I suppose the second time is always easier, huh?  And in case you have that book, don't trust the sizes.  The size 9-10 slipper is actually size 8.  The size medium pajama pants are a little small.  


Elijah's Mom said...

I love Weekend Sewing, but I also noticed it has a few problems. Her website has corrections for the errors in the book, and you're right - the sizes are a little small, and she doesn't usually call for quite enough fabric for the projects. They are cute though!

Jenny said...

I'm loving my pj pants. They are by far the longest pair I've ever owned. And it gets cold in the basement so sometimes I can wear them to bed in the summer. I've been using my ninja headbands as well :) Oh and I almost forgot to tell you that Megan is loving her bag. She's bringing it everywhere, and when she was at work a co-worker saw it and thought it was really cute so Megs told me to pass that complement on to you.