Tuesday, June 30, 2009

$1 Chair Before and After


Thrifting was good to us this weekend.  I bought two of these beauties for $1 each at an antique store on the way home from our camping trip.  Ah, how I love spray paint.  Our dining room is going to get very colorful soon!  So what do you think, should chair #2 be painted the same green color, or should I go with a soft yellow?


Anonymous said...

CUTE!!! I love them!

Andrea said...


just my 2 cents. But if you choose green, I totally won't be offended!

bethany said...

Fabulous find! I'd go with yellow :) The worse case scenario is that you don't like it, and get to spend a few more minutes switching it to green!

Isn't spray paint a godsend? I really, truly don't know how people lived before it came about. :)

Wakaleheza said...

Depends, if the seat is strawberry as this one then go for green, if it's another color like green for instance or purple then go for yellow, though i don't know whether purple goes with yellow, ...well! That's my humble opinion. By the way I'm just like you - head full of projects that I always do centuries later wondering why it took me so long to do something that just lasted a quarter of or half an hour to do.

But that's life ! It doesn't really matter. What really matters is the pleasure you get out of it! So keep on having fun, life's too short to worry! Good luck!

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