Friday, June 12, 2009

The Finds

This was a little g-sale $5 find!  Just needs a little more scrubbing.  We could use an extra stool at our counter, and the step stool folds in.  It was red, I couldn't resist.  Wouldn't you agree, very practical?  Being practical is usually highly unlike me when it comes to these sales!
The fan was from the farm chicks sale, as well as the cute pastel clothes drying rack.  I felt Sam should be proud- I was very practical, we needed both of these items badly.  I also found a cute vintage leather belt, some fun bandanas, and some frogs (for flower arranging)

I have cakes to bake, projects I'm itching to do, so much to do!  But I must share with you quickly the little goods I've found.  Enjoy the weekend everyone.  I hope to report of some before and afters when the weekend is through!


Elijah's Mom said...

My Grandma has that red stool, in yellow!! :)

project simple life said...

Those are wonderful finds, Becca!

bethany said...

The red stool is so awesome! And, the vintage sweet. I picked one up a year or two ago...I never use it because it's SO powerful that it practically blows off the table!

Have a fabulous weekend! said...

so cute. for some reason, on the phone i was imagining a mini-kiddie step stool...but this is so so cute! and the fan really works?