Thursday, June 25, 2009

Camping Goes Glam

All photos of Clayoquot Wilderness Resort-check it out!

Glamping, it's what the rich do instead of camping.  Here is a summer edition of the alternative housing idea.  I think if we ever get land it would be fun to set up some glam tents.  The classy canvas ones, and slide a real bed in there for our guests.  I have no idea how much some of these set ups cost.  I figure if you do it yourself it might not be so bad.  Did anyone ever see the Gilmore Girls episode when they camp and dress up all fancy at their secret society?  This is the type of camping I'm talking about.  Wouldn't it be a fun vacation?   Country living had a great article this month.  I might do another post rounding up more pictures, but after I found Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, I knew it had to be a post in and of itself!  

I just stumbled upon it.  This looks like a manly place, yet sophisticated enough to make anyone feel at home.  They fly you in and it's all inclusive-You can go whale watching, kayaking, take cooking classes, horseback riding, get a massage, and have some whiskey at the end of a long day.  I don't think the price is that bad really, considering everything is included.  Check out the website, you won't be disappointed. (Obviously, I got a little link happy, I linked about 8 times!)  It looks so blissful.  I like adventure on trips, and usually it's cheaper to plan it all yourself, but this seems like the way to go.  The tough stuff (the planning and arranging) is all done and you can just go for it.  (Still not in my budget, but I can dream.  And if I did have the money this is the type of place I would spend it on- oh I really need to update my passport!)


Jenny said...

Hey if camping were always like this I could really get into it! :) And of course I've seen that Gilly's episode, the one where Rory reports on "The Life and Death Bridgade"

From Sunday to Monday said...

I love the firt tent. Thats the one I would like to stay in. I'll ask D if tis is anything like what our first back packing trip will be like=)

From Sunday to Monday said...

sorry ment to say first i must be tired...dont mind my typos!