Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Sam

I love that Sam has led us on all of our little adventures.  Sam is a great guy.  He's not afraid to pave his own way and go outside of the box to do things that aren't really normal.  If you are ever moving, call him- he is a pro.  He has crammed more crap into a VW van, car, and U-haul than you could possibly imagine.  I love hearing him play the bass.  I love going into Office Depot and watch his face light up because they finally invented the item that he thought they needed to have.  I love him, despite the fact that he doesn't love q-tips as much as I do (pet peeve!).  He's always doing sweet little things for other people.  I love that he always is prepared, he never forgets anything when we go backpacking, or any trip for that matter.  He makes the best coffee.  He loves and worships God, and that's hot.  I love his love for journals.   I love him, even if he does weird things with his hair.  He loves typewriters.  He is an awesome skier, he's a dreamer, he can weld and he's an awesome thrift shopper.  There's so much good stuff, it's just a sampling of the little stuff that makes me smile.

Sam, I would get you a puppy, a bike, and an upright bass if I could.  
Happy, happy birthday

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Andrea said...

"He loves and worships God, and that's hot"