Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How about those Resolutions?

I had a brilliant teacher in college.  A few weeks into the course she asked us what we hoped to learn and get out of the class.  Halfway in, we revisited that list and did a little evaluation.  Brilliant I thought.  Haven't we all had those classes with the awful teachers, but at the end when the final is done and the essays are turned in the last thing we want to do is waste our time writing how the teacher has failed, especially when it won't benefit us anymore anyways.  We looked to see how we were doing halfway through to improve and make the rest of the class more enjoyable.  I feel that is the same thing that happens with new years resolutions, we get excited in the month of January, and then feel depressed in December to see that we failed miserably.  So here is my little mid year reminder.  There is still PLENTY of the year left.  What did you hope to accomplish this year?

I had a long list.  So many were simple.  Here are the things I have done:
wear more skirts 
save some money
read more books
use cider vinegar and baking soda instead of shampoo (this requires a full blog post!)
visit my friend in san francisco (i miss you jess)

There are some things that I've already miserably failed at, that's ok!  I have much more to do!

Here are 3 things I've marked on the calendar to do.  I'm going to peek back in a month and add 3 more:
throw a good dinner party
go to the zoo
make homemade doughnuts 

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Jenny said...

Yum. . .send me one of those homemade donuts, I don't think I've had one of those since I was 8! Also you should bring it back to our childhood and make some taffy like mom used to make. As for the zoo I know what you mean, I hadn't been to a zoo in years the last time was probably on a field trip of some sort in elementary school, but I went recently and I had forgotten how much fun it was, even though I'm not the biggest fan of animals! :) I miss you Bek.