Saturday, December 8, 2007

{Christmas tree love}

I love this little stand. And it's on sale. You need to go
to your local Urban Outfitters, they have the best stuff!

I have so much Christmas stuff. I wonder if I'll go around and use our stuff to decorate the rest of the cabin?The rooms maybe. I would be in so much trouble if I owned this place. It would be the perfect excuse to buy any and every Christmas thing I saw coming my way. Urban Outfitters had some cute trees I would love to get.

I would put this cutey on a table in a room. I would buy one in, pink, silver, and aqua. I would decorate the rooms accordingly. One would be vintage, one modern and young, one woodsy!

I love the color on this green one!

With 10 bedrooms I could do a vintage room, a silver one, a pink one- all with little table top trees- oh wouldn't that be fun? We'll see. And we have this great entry, I really want a big wreath and I would love to line the steps with these rosemary mini trees I saw at Lowe's. They were $10 each

These ones are actually from Red Envelope (a little pricier at $54)
Rosemary seems to grow like crazy here, maybe I could try doing my own for next year? I'm already thinking of next year, crazy me!
Oh and our purple door! You guys have to see it, although I found this turquoise and brown mat, so it's working with the purple. It makes me laugh. Pictures to come! (Once the place is all decorated, which will be soon I hope!)
Have a happy Saturday!

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chelle said...

Those are just darling... The top one with the little birdie, being my favorite. Last year, instead of having one great big tree I had three little teeny tiny ones...they were so cute and they were very affordable as I remember, bought them at Safeway, and all three were less than $12.00,but they weren't rosemary I don't think.

Have you seen this post?'s perfect for that.