Monday, December 10, 2007

Hallelujah, It's Clean!

Yup, all 6,000 square feet
All 4 floors
All 12 bathrooms
11 bedrooms all ready to be slept in
2 kitchens
2 christmas trees all decorated
-toilets scrubbed, floors washed, sinks and mirrors polished, showers sparkly, clean towels,
clean sheets, vacuumed floors, dusted, all dishes done
All laundry is folded and put away

This is the first time I can say this since we have been here. This last weekend was our first real break with no guests and boy did we need it. Every free minute I've had I've been trying to improve our place. I just start attacking something if I notice it, for example the door to the laundry room where someone decided it was a good idea to spray , without covering the door. A magic eraser, sponge and good elbow grease did the trick one night. The magic eraser has been my friend lately. Our kitchen took forever to scrub! But it's done yeah! It feels so good. The last little place that needs attention is my little artsy craft area. I saved the best for last! So this afternoon I suppose I will do that.

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