Monday, December 3, 2007

Day 3

It's been a long day here. So far, the power is still on (obviously, or I don't think I'd be doing this right now) but it is out at the owner's home about 25 miles away. I don't think it seems to windy. Who knows.

So todays thing was a gift for Sam and Becca. Sam got a little scrubby for doing dishes. It's crazy how little stuff like that delights him! Although, it's frustrating- he had already bought one for us. Even though I said- it's December, we're doing this gift thing let's not get anything for the house. And I thought I was pretty obvious- I said it right after he talked about getting one! Oh well. He got me a cute white piggy bank. And get this- you won't believe it. He used my rub-ons and put the letters Fund on it. So I'm supposed to go back and put what kind of fund I would like it to be. I was quite impressed. I'm the most amazed by the fact that he found them without asking me where they were. He said it was his first time with the rub-ons. He did excellent- and it was an uneven surface and everything. I better watch out, or he might want to start stealing my stuff to scrapbook!

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