Sunday, December 16, 2007

Our Cozy Christmas Home

You can get a good peek into our basement apartment. And the poinsettia Sam brought home for me. He said he thought I could use one! How sweet!

A nice soft picture of our tree, you can even see a few gifts hiding under there!

Here is the nativity set from my brother and sister-in-law

Finished making all the Christmas cards. I was crazy and decided to use up all the stuff I already had, so I made each card unique. That was a little time consuming, but fun. This is the first time we're sending out Christmas cards. They are all signed, sealed, and delivered!

Just had to show the finished wreath. I might have to add some red berries to it, we'll see. Another post to come on the making of our wreath.

My calendar all fixed up for December- the last time it was updated MAY- yikes! I hope I keep up with that!
Here is my newest ornament. I picked up 3 of these Santa cuties, 5o cents each at a thrift store

Here is my pink section in our bedroom. Jess got me that cute little bird.

These 3 santa mugs are also a new edition this year. Bought at the same thrift store as the little old Santa ornaments.

This is Sam's old Nativity Set

Here are two cards, a hint of what my next post will be. It's a project Sam and I have been working on. We've been having so much fun with it.

These are pictures taken last year. But I do have them up in here! They are some stockings I made for us.

I still need to do some baking and make some gifts! Most of the gifts are finished. I really don't understand how people have jobs, and families, and still manage to do all of this Christmas stuff. The lodge has been really slow lately, so we've had some time. I guess it's been hard for us, as we've just moved. We are just now finishing getting all the licensing, insurance, and all that junk under control. We are almost all unpacked. We still need to hang a few things on the walls.

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