Thursday, December 6, 2007

Day 5 and Day 6

Creative heading, huh?
Day 5:
Exchange Gifts

Sam gave me a cute tiny little book~

They always give two options, one seems to be girly and one is more earthy. "Try on couture gowns at a fancy boutique OR Take a hike with binoculars and a notepad to record your thoughts." "Light candles and listen to Mozart as you get ready for work in the morning OR
Light candles and listen to Mozart in your office at the end of a rough day" "Reread a Jane Austen novel all day while drinking tea OR Write bad poetry on your front porch" It goes on and on. A nice fun little gift. And you can't see this, but it's glittery on the front and it's so cute and little about 3x3 inches!
I gave him Red Vines black licorice~yuck! for some reason he likes it though~and it has to be red vines.

The group left today, phew! They ate so much food! I can't believe it! We really didn't have any food leftover.

So I wrote that yesterday, just forgot to post it, oops! I guess I don't like this blog thing that much to post every day, but I'll keep trying.

Day 6:
Cut down a Christmas tree

I was so mad that I forgot my camera! Sam and I always like to cut down a tree from the forest, the good old fashioned way. This is so much fun, but much more difficult, especially where we are here because they don't have many Christmas type of trees growing naturally in the forest.. I didn't think we'd be able to do this activity today, but we unexpectantly had a day off, so we took advantage. The US forest service is the way to go, only $10 for a tree, can't beat that. And there is just something about cutting it down yourself. Sam had fun driving the truck through the snow, now that we have a four wheel drive vehicle, these activities become more fun! We ended up with a good one. I haven't decorated it yet, it's still outside. We need a stand and it's going to need to be trimmed down.

Since I didn't take pictures, I'll leave you with some of my favorites from last year.
The two sleepy heads! My nephew Alex with his Daddy!
My niece Taylor, delighted with her new gift, the Game Boy Micro
Alex thoroughly enjoying the eggs Grandma made for him while Aunt Heidi figures out how to put together moon boots!

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