Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Cozy Winter Day

Am I a big dork for taking pictures of my slippers? Why yes, of course. This dumb, silly blogging thing has me doing some bizarre-o things. But I just had to share my slipper fetish. I don't have a shoe fetish, mainly because I wear a size 11 shoe. And any shoe shopping experience of mine has been an unpleasant hunt for the right pair. I'm always lucky if I can find a decent shoe. Most of the time the only shoes made in size 11 are bright red or gold and usually have a 4 inch heel. Because, you know, a gal with a size 11 shoe definitely wants to be 4 inches taller. Enough whining already. The reason I'm posting these is because I am sharing my love for slipper wearing. Last year I found a bunch of slippers, and I'm currently enjoying wearing them. It's great because this new job means I can wear slippers 80% of the time and that makes me happy! So go find a good book to read, put on some cozy slippers and spend an hour reading by the fire. That's what I'm going to do!

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