Saturday, December 8, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree

Today is going to be all about Christmas trees. So we got our Christmas tree in the house, trimmed down and decorated. I am going to make a wreath with the leftover branches. Sadly I didn't have a picture of us cutting the tree down.

Here is the tree in the house, before we trimmed it down

The Advent Calendar:
So these need to be saved up for our day off.
Day 7:
Go Ice Skating
Day 8:
Take a thermos of hot cocoa and drive around looking at Christmas lights

Our Snowman Died. He went down just as you would imagine a snowman to.

1 comment: said...

oh your poor snow man!! love, love, love your hand-picked and cut tree...and gorgeous PB topper. did you get mary's tree up in the main room?